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Independent shops vs. Dealerships?

It’s the age old debate: Why should I use an Independent Repair Shop instead of the Dealership. There are ALOT of arguments for both sides, but I will give you insight on my 30 plus years of experiences and you can decide for yourself. Here are some of the misconceptions and truths all listed in […]


Trust. It’s earned. I never expect or even want a new customer to blindly trust me. I want that opportunity to prove to you that we will always do the right thing. I will never sell you something that you don’t need. If there is a question about a part or service, I welcome the […]

Old/New Service

I would like to re-introduce our Exhaust System Service! In most cases we can fabricate pipes and create a Complete Custom Exhaust System or repair a section of the system that may otherwise require an expensive complete system. With the rust and corrosion that’s being caused by the amount of Brine and Salt (especially in […]

Everything you need.Nothing you don’t!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the very First Edition of our Daily Auto News! This is all new to me so bear with me while I grow with this. I wanted to start a page and soon to be VLOG discussing topics, new services and explaining what to look for with your vehicles. This website will […]