Safety Checklist: Keep These 5 Things in Your Trunk

Your car is usually a safe, familiar place to be, but it occasionally transports you to locations that are far from safe and secure. As such, you should realize how critical it is to be prepared for any possibility. Fortunately, your trunk is most likely large enough to assist you.

Jumper Cables

You’d be surprised how frequently your vehicle’s battery empties. After that, you just need two items to get it up and running. You’ll need a nice passerby first. You’ll also require a set of jumper wires. Sure, there’s a chance that the person you’re stopping has their own jumper wires, but why take the chance?.

First Aid Kit

A sealed first aid kit is the next item you should have in your vehicle. This is one thing you hope you’ll never need, but it’s also something you don’t want to get moving without. No matter how soon you call for an EMT and how quickly they arrive, you may need to do a little more.


A flashlight is the next essential item to have in your trunk. It’s worth noting that some on-road collisions occur at night. It goes without saying that your technical expertise means nothing if you can’t see what you’re doing. Because a flashlight doesn’t take up much room, some people choose to store it in the glove box up front.

Air Pump

While some may disagree, having an air pump with you is really vital. Sure, having a spare tire is usually a better option, but what if two of your tires go flat? At least one of them may be deflated, so why not have a gadget in your trunk that may assist you in doing so?.


Finally, though this item may appear surprising, it’s still very important. After all, a blanket is a multi-tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. On a road trip, it may be used as a surface for setting up a tent. You may use it to wrap yourself in and get a bit warmer, more comfortable sleep if you’re forced to stop abruptly in the middle of the night.

The message here is safety. Fletcher’s Garage’s top priority is making sure that your car is as safe as it can be on the road. If you have any questions about your car or to schedule maintenance, get in touch!

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